About Me

So who am I? I’m a single, young woman ready to make some major life changes while transitioning into the real world, adulthood, and life in Toronto. One of the major changes I’d like to make is to my weight and health, and those goals will be predominantly featured in this blog.

I’m a 21-year-old, Caucasian Canadian of German descent (with a bit of British, French, Spanish, and Jamaican blood mixed in for good measure). After over 4 years of university, I have just recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in Accounting from Queen’s University. This October, I will be starting at one of the Big Four accounting firms on my way to my Chartered Accountant designation. I’m pretty smart (although my book smarts probably outweigh my street smarts, as my friends love to point out!), creative, and ambitious. On the other hand, I’m incredibly nonathletic and a huge procrastinator. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), these two flaws have led to a fairly sedentary lifestyle: I don’t like the gym and even if I set my mind on going, I’ll generally waste the day away before I actually get my ass up and on the way there. Great. So how is this all going to work? I’m going to use the positive things I have going for me. Over the years, I’ve read numerous diet, nutrition, and exercise articles; I know what I have to do. Calories out > calories in. Can’t be that hard, right? (ha!) I’m going to use my creativity to be innovative with my cooking; hopefully, I can find/create some healthy recipes. Although I live on a student’s budget, I still buy a few more expensive food items (shrimp, chicken breasts, avocados, frozen fruit, etc.) and I like to vary what I eat (definitely no cabbage soup diets for me!) I’m also going to vary my exercise routine because, let’s face it, I don’t like exercise and I get bored doing it. Finally, I’m hoping my ambitious nature will translate into the willpower necessary for me to overcome my inherent fear of exercise and my immense love of food.

More personally, I’m pretty easy-going,  love to have fun, and take life as it comes. I always enjoy a solid night out on the town with my girls. Alcohol may be a slight problem with this whole diet thing (60 cals in a shot of vodka! ugh!). Contrastingly, I really enjoy my “me time” and am perfectly happy curling up in bed with a book or my laptop for an evening. Spontaneity is a huge fave for personal time and vacations, but in terms of school and work I like to have a plan and be prepared. I’m a perfectionist for sure, and might have a mild case of OCD (especially when it comes to my closet which is arranged by type of clothing followed by shade/colour).

I grew up in a rural area about an hour from Toronto. It was great to have a massive backyard and fields and woods to play in while growing up. My parents owned a large wholesale greenhouse business which meant that they were always around if my brother or I needed them, but that they worked long hours and were often stressed and busy (like many business-owners are). I like my sleep and take 1hr+ to get ready in the mornings, so I rarely ate breakfast. I often took a packed-lunch to school and my parents would generally cook us dinner at night. Despite how great this sounds, my parents rarely cooked (non-cheese-smothered) vegetables as part of a meal (although they would sometimes make salad; which I unfortunately am not a fan of), had no portion sizes (they would often cook as if we were a family of 6 instead of 4 and we would usually consume it all), and did not really think of calories or fat in food preparation (pizza, perogies, fries, Kraft Dinner, and Hamburger Helper were staples of our household; when healthier meals were made they often consisted of large pieces of meat with huge sides of potatoes, rice, or pasta). Needless to say, I did not learn good eating habits from my parents. Additionally, I never got into sports. I played tee-ball until they took my tee away (at which point I decided it was too difficult. Oops!). I hated recess. I despised gym class (although I still got the second-highest mark in high school course. Thank God for health assignments and participation marks!)

My hobbies include: snowmobiling, ATVing, sketching, cooking, and traveling. Travel is a recent addition to that list. I went on exchange to Mannheim, Germany in the first half of 2010 and enjoyed traveling across Europe and to Morocco. During my time abroad I went to: Mannheim, Kassel, Cologne, and Munich, Germany; Paris, France; London, England; Dublin (for St. Pat’s! Amazing experience!), Ireland; Edinburgh and the  highlands, Scotland; Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence, and Pisa, Italy; Porto and Faro, Portugal; Mallorca and Gran Canaria, Spain; and Marrakech, Morocco. Seeing so many different cultures was absolutely phenomenal! Keeping with the food-theme of this blog, I have to encourage everyone to try haggis in Scotland, gelato in Italy, and tajines in Morocco.

Most importantly, I’m excited to look and feel my best over the course of this life-style change and to start off my new adult life right! I recently rented an apartment in the Yonge & Eglinton area, and will be moving there on Sept. 17th!


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