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First day of work was Monday, October 3rd! I weighed in at 152.9lbs on Monday, 153.6lbs on Wednesday, and 153.3lbs on Friday.

Starting the new job was great! This week was pretty much just training, meeting new people, and eating an extraordinary amount of delicious food. I’m really quite in love with all the people I’ve met so far and I’m becoming happier with my career choice the more we learn about what we’ll be doing. I can’t wait until my first week actually on the job (we have three weeks of various types of training and orienttion before that).

We completed the training week at a downtown hotel, and I must say the food was simply fantastic! We were served breakfast every morning, each lunch had a theme (Mediterranean, Italian, Thai, etc.), there were two break periods each day with even more food, and on Day 1, we even got dinner and drinks.

Can you say binge? Buffet serving is not good for my eating disorder. I managed to control the purge part for the first couple days, but by the end of the week, I simply couldn’t handle it anymore.