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Took all the taping off my walls today – looks pretty good minus a few spots here and there where the paint bled under the tape 😦 The red colour is simply brilliant! I almost wish I had done the dining room in a jewel tone (dark purple perhaps?) instead of brown. Oh well! Look’s great and I’m happy to be done! Just the bedroom left!!

Today I weighed in at 151.8lbs.

I ran out to do some errands (got cute little salt and pepper grinders) in the morning before eating, so by the time I got back I guess I wasn’t really eating breakfast anymore… Therefore, for Brunch I had a big bowl of cream of vegetable soup with added chicken, carrots, and zucchini (432 calories). How is it that soup is the go-to food when cold or sick? Today, I got caught out in the rain – literally DRENCHED – and all I wanted when I got home was to dry off and have a bowl of steaming soup! (P.s. note to self: when sky is gray, don’t leave the house without an umbrella!)

For Dinner I had ham and asparagus with garlic (285 calories).

For a Snack I had a bowlful of grapes (151 calories).

I had been doing so good! 1008 calories to that point, and still room for the booze I was planning to drink with the ladies. However, then we popped open a bag of Tostitos with salsa, made some fancy cocktails with lime cordial (read: liquid sugar), and poured drink after drink. I would say I burnt some of it off dancing, but I forgot my ID and had to come home. Epic failure of a night!