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Days 18, 19, and 20 (Sept 17th-19th) were not good for the diet at all.

I moved into my new apartment on the 17th (yay!!) and went out to my first alumni event that night – boatcoming. Basically, we filled a boat with a bunch of recent graduates to celebrate homecoming like when we were students. Let me tell you, our alcohol tolerances may have gone down a little bit since the good ‘ol days, but our intake did not! Nor have we really grown up: flip cup, beer bong, dirty dancing… all in a night of Queen’s alumni. We’ve certainly never lost the work hard/play hard mentality that is so ingrained in the Queen’s student (especially Queen’s Commerce) – out there on the dance floor and pounding shots at the bar are the future business and political leaders of Canada. I love my school!

On Day 19, I nursed my hangover, put together some furniture, and went paint-shopping with my mother. I did pretty good for the day food-wise (despite having nearly nothing in my cupboard – actually, that was probably a good thing) until I went out to sushi dinner with some old housemates. It was great to catch up (and eat up!) but I definitely overdid it. Then, on the walk back to my apartment, we stopped at a candy store and filled up some fairly massive bags of sweets. Whoops! I totally felt like a kid again – reminded me of the days going to the snack boots at my mom’s baseball games when I was younger 🙂

On Day 20, I woke up early to get ready for the arrival of the Bell guy (yay internet!) and my furniture from The Brick. Unfortunately, my amazing wonderful sectional sleeper sofa did not fit in my building’s tiny ancient elevators 😦 I have no idea what I’m going to do for a sofa now! However, I’m happy to report that my dining room set and coffee tables look great! Took me ages to put together everything, though! When it hit dinner time (and after) I binged hard. Pork with couscous, tofu and sauce, Kraft Dinner that my mom should not have put in my cupboards, and hot chocolate powder (that, again, should not have been put in my cupboards). I don’t have control when there are such things in my house! I’m throwing out the rest of what she brought that’s high in calories. I really have learned that I can not control myself around such food.

Anyways. Recovery from that drastically bad three-day binge/purge ugliness starts now! Did some grocery shopping today and the fridge and cupboards are full of all the good things!