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I just came across an amazing blog post through a friend – absolutely incredibly written and quite witty. It’s published by an Australian, but the issue is a prevalent one across the globe. I couldn’t agree more with every idea put forth in this article!

I have not understood nor will ever understand why some people can be so discriminatory against homosexual people. I live in a small town, and it shames me when I hear some of the things that my friends say so freely. The hate and derogatory words that come from their mouths are sometimes sickening, and gays and blacks are at the top of their hate lists. It boggles me how people who grew up in the 21st century can be so close-minded. Is it the way they were raised? Have generations of racism and prejudice been passed onto them by their parents? Are they simply uneducated? Sometimes I simply want to scream “But why?! How does it make sense to attack someone based on these qualities?!” (And trust me, oftentimes I do!) How does someone else’s happiness and family life affect your own? Why should gay and lesbian couples not get the same rights that we do? This seems like pre-1917, when women were still not yet considered people. Many fought for our rights. Should we not now be doing the same for others?

Bias, prejudice, discrimination, and racism are one thing in the general population. Unfortunately, there will always be people like this and it’s truly tragic. What’s worse though is that you have educated people in powerful positions pushing discriminatory agendas! Beyond the Australian examples listed in this blog post below, look to the USA. Today I happened to come across a North Carolinian friend’s Facebook post:

“The North Carolina House of Representatives passed a proposed referendum for the primary elections in May of 2012. if this referendum is passed, the state’s ban on gay marriage will be made a part of our constitution, making it nearly impossible for the ban to ever be overturned. I urge you to repost this, get the word out, and if you are of age, vote in the May 2012 primary. We have to show our government that we the people do NOT want hate and bigotry in our constitution!”

It is reading such things that make me so very thankful I live in Canada, the fourth country in the world to legalize gay marriage and the first in North America (no thanks to Stephen Harper and his conservative government).

You’d think history would have taught us a thing or two about hate and discrimination by now…

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