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Day 8. After last night’s dinner at Omi’s, and my fall off the wagon in terms of controlling my purging, today HAS to be good. I ran to the grocery store and grabbed a few more fresh fruits/veggies to ensure that I can keep myself on track this week (I HATE living at home – too much “good”/unhealthy food in the house).

Today I weighed in at 155.8lbs, ate 1332 calories, burnt 1768 calories, and received an overall nutrition grade of “A” (all values are calculated with Calorie Count).

For Breakfast I had a mountainous bowl of grapes (339 calories).

For Lunch I mixed together spinach, zucchini, some frozen Asian veggies, and fake crab sticks with garlic, crushed red peppers, and veggie seasoning (352 calories). This is so my go-to dish – so easy and SO good!

For a Snack I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich on Dempster’s body wise bread (232 calories).

For Dinner I made a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom and garlic soup, and added in some sliced chicken, topping it off with some pepper and a sprig of parsley (279 calories)

I had some frozen mango chunks as a Snack later on in the evening (129 calories).