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So Day 7. I feel like I’m restarting on Day 1 after the damage I did to my body this weekend. Alcohol, fattening food,insane levels of sodium, and too little sleep have me right back up to where I started. After a day of healthy eating though, hopefully things will balance out a bit and I’ll at least have some record of a loss by tomorrow.

Today I weighed in at 157.3lbs, ate 2151 calories, burnt 1776 calories, and received an overall nutrition grade of “A-“ (all values are calculated with Calorie Count).

For Breakfast I had two yogurt cups with bananas and walnuts (318 calories).

For Lunch I had a yummy mix of fresh zucchini, onions, mushrooms, green and red peppers, and shrimp. I flavoured the blend with garlic, vegetable seasoning, and 2tbsp of herb and garlic cream cheese, and cooked it all in a frying pan with some water. Massive portion and good on the calorie count! (334 calories)

For Dinner I had to go over to my Omi’s (grandma, in German) because her brother in law (my great uncle) is visiting from Germany. My Omi, like myself, loves to entertain and host dinner parties. Even when it was just my Onkle and my family attending, she obviously went all out with a big Caesar salad, garlic bread, homemade lasagna stuffed full of ricotta cheese and topped with a mountain more of mozzarella, and ice cream and cookies for dessert. Ugh. These are the times when I need to learn to control myself; otherwise, I should just not attend. I had two large pieces of lasagna and plenty of dessert (1392 calories), followed by a lil bathroom sesh.

It sucks when there isn’t even a healthy option available! Oh well, they’re going to Niagara for the weekend, so no more dinners until they get back. And after that I have one week followed by the big move to Toronto! So excited for my apartment and my being in control of the food I bring into the house and consume.

Later on in the night, I had some frozen mango chunks as a Snack (107 calories).