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So Day 3. I’m going out drinking tonight in Niagara Falls for a friend’s birthday. Super stoked, but this weekend is going to do terrible damage for my wallet and my diet; Saturday and Sunday I’m celebrating my best friend’s birthday in Toronto. Obviously, I’m pumped to go out with my friends, but it’s events like these that are really hard to push through without consuming a bijillion and one calories. Not to mention the costs of three nights clubbing, alcohol, limo, and taxi rides. At least I can mitigate some of the calorie damage. These are the moments when I need a strong piece of tough love from Skinny Bitch. My mantra for today?

Give up the notion that you can be sedentary and still lose weight. You need to exercise, you lazy shit. Eating properly will dramatically improve your health, body, and all aspects of your life. But you’ve still gotta move your ass.

Today I weighed in at 154.9lbs, ate 2556 calories, burnt 1763 calories, and received an overall nutrition grade of “B-“ (all values are calculated with Calorie Count).

For Breakfast I had a cup of All-Bran cereal with 1/2c. of 1% milk (cut with 1/2c. of water), and absolutely loaded with strawberries (228 calories).

Anddddd exercise fail. Instead went with a friend to the Dollar Store and Wal-Mart to get baking supplies to make cupcakes for the birthday girl. I had some self control and did not lick any batter off a spoon or dip a finger in the icing. Win!

Instead, I had an orange (122 calories).

For Lunch, I had the most delicious sandwich with Mediterranean chicken, goat cheese, spinach, and black olives on Dempster’s Bodywise whole wheat bread (287 calories).

At the birthday party, I started things off okay: I did not eat any of the plentiful pizza, sticking instead to the cut up fruit available; I drank vodka with either low-cal energy drink or Crystal Light; at the bar, I only had two drinks. Then we went to a restaurant that the boys had disappeared to around 1:30am and I was feigning drunk food hard. However, I managed to keep it a little bit healthier: I had a baja chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. When we got back to the birthday girl’s house though, I did have a piece of the pizza I had so tried to avoid earlier. All-in-all, I estimate the evening’s damage to be around  1920 (791 for vodka and mix, 769 for the chicken sandwich and fries, and 360 for the slice of pizza).