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When I was in Marrakech, Morocco during June last year, I purchased three amazing paintings from a local artist. They’re incredibly simple in their technique and design, but I really wanted to buy something decorative from that vibrant and beautiful city (and I was terrified that any glass or ceramic work might break). So, I ended up with these beautiful images of the Sahara desert and Marrakech and intend to use them as the starting points for the main living spaces of my apartment.

I think I’m going to do the large wall in my living room a dark red, with the remaining walls of the apartment in a cappuccino colour (similar to the lightest browns in the paintings). The large landscape painting will go behind the couch on the red wall, and the two taller paintings will likely go in the entry hall, on a cappuccino wall.

As for the dining room, I’m still not sure, but want to do some sort of faux finish with a rag or sponge in a darker brown. Maybe I can even tie in the red from the living room with a red-accented painting or piece of metalwork in the dining room. Ah! So many decorative ideas running through my head! A brown couch with red Moroccon-vibing pillows? A large brown/tan/red area rug? This has to be the most exciting thing about finally having my own place! I can’t wait to play with all the design ideas!

Going back to the Morocco inspiration, perhaps I can find some more design elements associated with that breathtaking country! Below are some pictures I took while on my trip… I might even blow some of these up onto canvases to hang around the apartment!